How to deal with burnout

The World Health Organisation (WHO) identifies burnout out as work-related phenomena. Burnout results from the inability to cope with long-lasting workplace stress, and it typically leaves you feeling:

  • Exhausted, run down, depleted of energy, overwhelmed
  • Negative or pessimistic about your job
  • Less effective or less able to maintain your usual standard of performance in the workplace

It’s important to realise that burnout is not a weakness. It’s a response to unrelenting stress and it is a signal to slow down, take time out, and to care for yourself.

If you’re feeling burnt out, here are five ways to start feeling better…

  1. Work on what’s within your control – and practice acceptance with those things are  beyond your capacity to change
  2. Go back to basics – Sleep Well, Eat Well, and Exercise. Try for around 8 hours sleep every night. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and a variety of proteins, and try for some regular enjoyable exercise
  3. Chill time – Take 20 minutes out every day to relax. Build it into your routine and make it a priority. Do whatever it is that leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed – and that could mean doing absolutely nothing!
  4. Practice saying ‘No’ to things that cost you precious time and zap your energy
  5. Ground yourself into the present moment – Use your senses to pay attention to your surroundings – listen to sounds, feel the grass under your feet, look at the trees, taste your coffee and literally smell the roses

It’s important to address the symptoms of burnout. The path to recovery can vary between individuals. It might mean making lifestyle changes, or working to change maladaptive thinking, or understanding your values…

If you feel that you need more support, perhaps it’s time to reach out to a Registered Psychologist to assist you on your journey to recovery. Contact our Randwick Psychologist today and take the first step towards living a more balanced life.